My achievements, discoveries, challenges and goals

Hi, everyone! The first spring month is almost over so now I’m going to tell you about my main achievements, discoveries, challenges and goals for the next month.

  • My achievements

First of all, I’ve presented two dialogs this month, and I noticed that my partners and I didn’t spend a lot of time developing them so I’m really happy about it because that means we’ve made progress. Also, I’ve learned a lot of new words and idioms connected with body parts and it’s really cool that now I know how to name each of them.

  • My discoveries

I’ve learned a lot of facts about different athletes as my groupmates and I made presentations about them. I prepared a presentation about Muhammad Ali, an American boxer, and I can undoubtedly say that the story of his life was really inspiring and I couldn’t even imagine that he went through so many difficulties to reach his goals. Also, I’ve learned new information about St. Patrick’s day, and I really enjoyed watching the videos and reading the articles. I’ve also tried to retell the story for the first time and, to tell the truth, it was difficult but I hope next time it’ll be easier. And last but not the least, I’ve discovered new things connected with phonetics. My partner for accent project explained me some rules and now I know how to pronounce “T” and “L” in different cases.

  • My challenges and goals

Now we work on passive voice, and it doesn’t seem very difficult for me. However, when I was doing online exercises I made some mistakes so I’m going to practice more. And also, I’m going to revise the words we studied because there are some vocabulary tests soon and, of course, the words are very useful, so needless to say, it’ll be great to use them in my speech.

Thanks for your attention!