Comma Rules Story

Hailey Weber spent some days of her vacation with her parents, husband, sisters, and cousins. They chatted a lot, went for a walk, watched interesting, hilarious TV-shows, ate salads, fish and chips, and fruits. After Hailey and her husband spent some days in NYC, they went to Malte’s hometown to spend the rest of the vacation there. Hailey’s husband really wanted to show Weimar to his wife as she had never been there because it was far away from NYC. They arrived there, and they started to call their close relatives and friends to tell them about their desire to drop by. Hailey noticed that after another phone call Malte’s mood changed so she asked him if something was wrong. Well, it turned out that one of his friends, Lucas, had disappeared after going to a working trip. Lucas was from Phoenix, Arizona, area but moved to Weimar at the age of 23. He started working in a police precinct and then got married to his neighbor. Malte thought that Alison, who was Lucas’ wife, could know more information about her husband than anyone else so Malte made a phone call to her and asked her about Lucas.

“Why”, Malte asked, “haven’t you gone to Lucas’ place of work yet if he hasn’t been answering phone for the whole week?”

“I’m going to do that today”, Alison said.

“Okay, I’m sure that Leon Thomas will be there. Lucas told me that they were good friends so you should definitely ask the guy if he knows something about him”, Malte said.

“That’s a good idea. I should even ask some questions to his boss, shouldn’t I?”, Alison asked.

“Yes, Alison, you should. If you get new information, let me know”, Malte said.

Grabbing her bag, Alison raced out of the house. She went to the police precinct to get more information about her husband.

To be continued…