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Dear future Suzanna,

It’s almost the end of your first year at the University, and I’ve decided that it’ll be useful for you to read this letter while being a sophomore. I think you still remember how cool it was to be a freshman. You got acquainted with all those…

Hi, everyone! Today I’d like to share with you some new words from “Dracula”.

  • Remorse — a feeling of being sorry for something you’ve done (раскаяние)
  • Implicitly — without any doubts (безоговорочно)
  • Deference — respect and politeness (почтение)
  • To flinch — to avoid doing something (уклоняться)

Thanks for your attention!

Hi, everyone! Today I’d like to share with you some new words from “Dracula” and the symbols that I noticed in the book.

Perpetual — continuing for ever in the same way (вечный)

To plague — to annoy someone by doing smth (досаждать, докучать)

To prevail — to be powerful (господствовать)

Contemptuous — expressing contempt (презрительный)

As for the symbols, the first one is garlic. The book’s characters use it to keep themselves safe from Dracula as the vegetable repels vampires. It symbolizes power, which you can use to protect yourself.

The second symbol in the book is crucifix. It helps the book’s characters protect themselves from the supernatural being as well because the crucifix has sacred powers.

Thanks for your attention!

Hi, everyone! I watched a wonderful film “The Devil Wears Prada” some days ago and now I’d like to share my impressions with you.

1.Before Andy Sachs got the job at Runway, she wasn’t interested in being a fashionable person. She was wearing really casual, ordinary clothes, such as big…

Hi, everyone! Today I’d like to share with you my discoveries, achievements and learning experiences of the last four days.

  • Discoveries

First of all, I’ve learned a lot of new words which are connected with food. I think it’s really useful to know the names of all the fruits, vegetables…

Lucas always came across as a responsible, sharp as a tack person, who was acquainted with all the movers and shakers in his town. In spite of the fact that he was really smart, he wasn’t a know-it-all and that’s why many people liked dealing with him. However, there was…

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve completed the Myer-Briggs Personality Type Test and now I’d like to share my results with you.
It turned out that my personality type is ISFJ.

Such people are quiet, friendly and conscientious. They work hard, trying to carry out their duties. People who have this personality type give any group or work stability. They work carefully, putting a lot of effort in it. Usually such people’s interests aren’t connected with technic. They are patient when it comes to details. Such people are loyal, tactful, perceptive and they care about other people’s feelings.

Thanks for your attention!

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve watched some videos about women’s appearance and beauty and now I’d like to share my impressions with you.

The first video that I watched was about women’s makeup throughout history. It was interesting to learn how women looked like so many years ago. For instance, during…

Hi, everyone! Today I’d like to write about my discoveries, achievements and plans of this month.

First of all, I’ve watched two movies named “Dead Poets Society” and “The Emperor’s club”. I really liked both of them because they made me think about the meaning of life and relationships with…

Hi, everyone! Today I’ve created my own sound and now I’d like to tell you more about it.
First of all, to create a sound I used a site, which is called Ambient Mixer. To tell the truth, I had some problems with it. I was creating a sound and then the site stopped working, and I had to try to do it again and again so I’ve spent a lot of time on that. However, I’ve never created a sound before so it was an interesting exeperience. I’ve explored various sounds and most of all I liked the sounds of nature. Some sounds were too loud and that’s why I didn’t find them pleasant.
So, here is my sound.

A Road Trip audio atmosphere (

Thanks for your attention!


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